CIPP - Cured in Place Pipe

Minimum disruption, maximum results

The lining systems we offer are proven and established methods of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption. The new pipe material is alike to GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and in all cases it is of superior quality and greater strength to the pipe which it lines. The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an inventive method called 'inversion' using water or air pressure, fitting it tightly against the wall of the existing pipe.

Durable materials for drain lining

A special resin containing an activating catalyst is impregnated into the liner pipe prior to installation. The lining is suitable for vertical rainwater down pipes etc. 75mm - 1000m diameter and sewers. The liner is resistant to most aggressive chemicals and can withstand very high temperatures. Upon request we can provide a full technical specification. All Brite N.I. offers a wide range of “No Dig” solutions to our clients such as ambient and hot cure, part liners and high strength cure sewer lining.

Sewer and drain relining

Relining is the process of repairing a sewer, drain or pipework by constructing a new pipe within the existing one using no-dig techniques. This is an extremely quick and cost-effective means of repairing a damaged asset. Our relining service ensures the integrity of the drain or sewer with minimal disruption to the environment. Due to the nature of our techniques, health and safety risks are also reduced. Using a material similar to GRP (glass reinforced plastic), the newly relined pipe will be greater in strength and quality to the pipe which it lines.


- Advantages of relining:

- Eliminates the need for expensive excavations

- Improved flow characteristics

- Minimum lengths of 0.5m can be installed

- No reliance on the existing pipe for its structural integrity

- Capable of repairing leaking open joints, cracks, root intrusions and pipe failure

- Suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications

- Permanent structural repair

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